Introducing INTEGRATE-C

The first interbody fusion cage that is fully integrated with porosity and hydroxyapatite to provide a superior healing environment.

Integrate-C Fusion System HAPPE

Integrate (verb):

to combine two or more things in order to become more effective


Powered by the HAPPE® platform, INTEGRATE®-C is the first interbody fusion cage to offer cancellous porosity with fully integrated hydroxyapatite through the entire implant height, combined with radiolucency and bone-like mechanical properties.

Porous and Dense Material

INTEGRATE® has porous and dense material designed for optimum biomechanics in load bearing and healing.

Interconnected Cancellous Porosity

INTEGRATE® has interconnected cancellous porosity for bone ingrowth endplate-to-endplate.


Hydroxyapatite Exposed on Surfaces

INTEGRATE® has hydrophilic surfaces impregnated with hydroxyapatite, for bone ongrowth.

Radiolucent and Radiovisible

INTEGRATE® is both radiolucent and radiovisible for superior post-operative imaging.


HAPPE material property comparison

Bone ingrowth into HAPPE implants was confirmed in an ovine cortical bone defect model.*

Bone ingrowth into HAPPE implants

*R.K. Roeder, J.F. Nagle and D. Snell, “Translating Porous and Bioactive PEEK to Interbody Spinal Fusion Implants,” Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting, 2021. University of New South Wales – Surgical & Orthopaedic Research Laboratories – Evaluation of osteointegration in a large animal model. Note: the porous structure of the HAPPE® material in the INTEGRATE®-C Fusion Device has been modified from that used for this ovine study with the intent to further increase pore interconnectivity for bone in-growth. In vitro performance or animal studies may not be representative of clinical performance.

The INTEGRATE-C Fusion System

Inserting INTEGRATE™-C Fusion Device into the spine

The INTEGRATE®-C Fusion Device is made of a single, continuous piece of hydroxyapatite impregnated polyetheretherketone polymer.

The INTEGRATE®-C Fusion Device is monolithic with porous regions derived directly from the implant body, not a sintered or otherwise additive coating, and extended through the device.

The device is available in a variety of footprints, lordosis and heights to accommodate variations in the individual pathology and anatomy of the patient. The superior and inferior surfaces of the device contain a pattern of teeth to provide for initial stability. Radiopaque markers are placed in the device to aid in determining the location of the implant intra- and post-operatively.

Features and Benefits

The benefits of HAPPE technology include dense and porous material placed to promote both load bearing and healing. Interconnected cancellous porosity through the entire implant height to promote bone ingrowth. Impregnated with hydroxyapatite exposed on all surfaces to promote bone ongrowth.
  • Made with patented HydroxyApatite Porous PolyEtheretherketone (HAPPE®)
  • Large graft space lined with porous HAPPE material for endplate-to-endplate osteointegration
  • Dense structural element for load bearing and impaction
  • Exposed hydroxyapatite crystals throughout the implant for hydrophilic surfaces
  • Implant sizes include 15 x 12, 17 x 14 and 20 x 15 mm with 7 or 10 degree lordosis for anatomic fit
  • Tapered design for easy insertion and aggressive teeth for preventing expulsion
  • Tantalum markers for radiographic visualization
  • Radiolucent for post-operative assessment of fusion

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