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HAPPE Spine to Develop Strong, Porous, Bioactive Spinal Fusion Implants

By August 22, 2019No Comments

The quest for a spinal implant that is porous, strong and bioactive has had elusive results, with most products offering only one or two of these attributes in support of fusion. HAPPE Spine’s mission is to accomplish all three with a porous, hydroxyapatite-reinforced PEEK interbody.

HAPPE (pronounced “happy”) is an acronym for HydroxyApatite Porous PEEK—a clever nod to a positive outcome. The startup is rethinking the way that PEEK and hydroxyapatite (HA) are manufactured together, so that the interbody maintains the strength necessary for load-bearing spinal applications, while being porous enough to facilitate osteointegration and radiolucent for imaging purposes.