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New White Paper Highlights the Benefits of Incorporating Rod-Like Hydroxyapatite Particles in PEEK.

By May 17, 2024No Comments

Himed, an industry leader in hydroxyapatite (HA) biomaterials for 30 years, released a new white paper titled, “Techniques to Enhance the Bioactivity of Polyetheretherketone (PEEK).”

The paper explains the underlying science, as well as advantages and disadvantages for various techniques, which include:

  • surface texturing using calcium phosphate blast media or plasma treatment
  • superficial HA surface coatings
  • PEEK composites impregnated with HA powders
  • PEEK composites reinforced with rod-like HA whiskers

Rod-like HA whiskers are said to offer “materials with new and robust mechanical properties” and improved particle retention in surfaces for “properties that promote bone bonding.”

The INTEGRATE®-C, by HAPPE Spine, is the only interbody fusion device available on the market that capitalizes on the advantages of rod-like HA particles in the proprietary HAPPE® (HydroxyApatite Porous PolyEtheretherketone) biomaterial platform. The HA in HAPPE is firmly embedded in the PEEK matrix and exposed on all surfaces, including both machined surfaces and internal pore surfaces, due to the rod-like shape.

Hydroxyapatite Figure 2

Craig Rosenblum, article co-author and Himed President, said, “It was our goal when writing this paper to highlight the many different techniques that can be used to improve the biocompatibility of PEEK for orthopedic, dental and spinal applications. HAPPE Spine is at the forefront of innovation in the manufacturing and design of medical devices with composite PEEK biomaterials. Rod-like HA particles are fully integrated throughout the material with impressive exposure on both machined surfaces and pore surfaces to promote osteointegration.”

Esther Valliant, PhD, article co-author and Himed Biomaterials Research Scientist added, “It is rewarding to see the use of HA whiskers in a FDA-cleared and commercialized device like the HAPPE INTEGRATE®-C. Himed manufactures many different forms of HA, including rod-shaped whiskers that are specifically designed for use in load-bearing composite materials. The rod-like shape facilitates mechanical reinforcement of the polymer, similar to rebar in reinforced concrete.”